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Where are all the Snicthons?

How Fossils Refute Darwinism - the "book"

I had to write with the excitement and urgency of those discussing with flat earthers what they think caused the solar eclipse this week. One very good friend (who obviously knows what I like) received this booklet and sent it on to me: "How Fossils Refute Darwinism" by Adran Oktar (Harum Yakya).

Having just spent the day at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, I could hardly wait till bedtime for my new treat book.

Imagine my disappointment to realise that it isn't even very well done. It spends 50 pages complaining how there are no "intermediate" fossils showing characteristics of two animals, 10 pages about mutation (and how it's always bad), and then about 70 pages showing pictures of things that haven't changed much between fossil-them and nowadays-them (see how the crane fly of 50 million years ago looks like the crane flies of today!).

Is that it?

It doesn't seem to discuss where the crane flies of 500 million years ago are, or the cats, birds, or humans for that matter. it just goes on and on about this supposed lack of intermediate examples of creatures like these cat-birds, showing the transition from one animal to another that "should" be in the fossil record.

If animals are mutating into other animals, where are all the cat-birds?

Where are all the intermediate cat-birds, Darwinists - eh? eh?

Where are all the Snicthons?

Which raises the immediate, blindingly obvious question to me, where are all the half-Marathon-half-Snickers bars - the Snicthons? And the half-Opal-Fruits-half-Starburst packets? If, (as I have claimed,) one became the other, where are all traces from the transitional period?

Fortunately the protect us from being misled, the book has labelled these as "fictional drawings", along with these "false" half-human half-ape creatures that never existed. (Please amend obvious fake skulls of neanderthals and denisovans photographed at museums and shared on previous posts such as this and this - Ed.)

False reconstructions of half-ape half-human creatures that we do have skulls for... eh?

But, saving the best till last, he makes strong claims that if Darwinism were true, we should be seeing loads of chance mutations messing with the perfection of the human form. Obviously no mutations of the human form have even been seen in real life (as any visitor to a medical or pathology museum will know, they are totally empty of examples of mutations. In fact, they are totally empty. That must be why they are shut all the time).But, (and this is a big butt - like in the top middle skeleton), take a look at their suggested mutations!

Isn't that just a treat to behold?!

Check this shit out! Human skeletons mutations commonly seen in religious discussions of Darwinism

Illustration from page 45 of "How Fossils Refute Darwin" - Check this shit out**!

Best imaginative use of Photoshop. EVER! Like WTF even IS that?

And yes, I'm totally convinced about the wrongness of Darwinism now*

*Please note, I am being sarcastic. Obviously I could write a long, thought out post about how wrong headed this entire booklet is. But why bother? If they can't engage with Dawkins, Darwinism, Speciation, Evolution, books, science or learning in general, why should I put my effort in to argue? Last time I tried with the young earthers shouting at people on Kings Parade, they flatly refused to accompany me on the 2 minute walk to the Sedgwick Museum for me to show them the fossil evidence that they TOLD me didn't exist.

**Also, a shout out to the great scientific paper on electron band structure in Germanium by Lucas Kovar for the subtitle of the caption to this illustration. If you want to know what science is REALLY like, read his paper and don't tell me I'm blind to the problems in scientific work. In fact, read that paper anyway. Everyone should.

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