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Celebrity skulls

Celebrities and their skulls. More coming soon.

Human skulls are distinctive scaffolding for the faces they support. It shouldn't (but did) come as a surprise to me just how individual each human skull I encounter actually is. And it frustrated me that I couldn't imagine the face that would have looked back at me. So I have been working on understanding the forensic art of facial reconstruction. This was somewhat hampered by the lockdown of Corona virus in 2020. So I took it upon myself to become as educated as possible from my library. This also necessitated learning how to accurately draw portraits - no easy task in itself - but without that, any reconstruction was likely to look "wrong". We, as humans, are highly tuned to subtle facial features, which makes drawing a face accurately incredibly difficult.

Having made some progress in this project, I am now wracked with issues that, even if the celebrity skulls is as accurate as possible (and many features such as suture lines are impossible to know from the outside), an accurate skull isn't actually a recognisable skull. But at least it might be amusing or intriguing to help imagine what a celebrity is like under the surface!

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