When I was a child, ghosts walked freely around the family home. They walked past doors and up creaky stairs. Despite these strong memories, I don’t now believe in ghosts. Would I if I had seen them?

The man in the chair
On crisp winter nights, fresh pipe smoke would suddenly fill the air from the old reading chair in the empty room
Ghostly footsteps in the hallway
A late night walker would slam the locked door, walk along the hall and fall silent halfway up the creaking stairs
Music from the empty room
Music would be heard playing in an empty room; when entered, the music would cease in that instant
Hobyah in the woodland
Walking home at dusk, a ten foot tall gangly slenderman in a dark suit and top hat would watch me from the trees
Objects moving by themselves
Trinkets would vanish for weeks or months, only to reappear where they couldn’t have been missed for even a day
The creature in the garden
I saw a large misshapen creature like Black Shuck with bulging eyes crawling in the leaf litter under the tree
Spy in the back bedroom
When writing at the desk, the children would complain of someone leaning over them, as is checking their work
Late night walker
Hearing footsteps on the stairs, stopping midway as if vanishing into thin air
Someone behind you
When sitting in the main room, there was often a feeling of someone moving behind you
Playful phantom
Watching objects whilst buttons were being pressed and keys were hit as if played with by unseen hands
Playful objects
Objects would move or vanish for days, weeks or months to then be found in everyday locations
The face at the window
Seeing an old, withered face at the window despite everyone already being at home
Animals running around
Small black cats would run through closing doors, vanishing on contact
Knocking at night
Doors would be knocked on for hours, with no one outside
Noises over the bedroom
Hearing footsteps from the attics above, circling the room at night
Noctural animals
Animals heard scuttling around the child's bedroom at night, keeping her awake despite no pets allowed in
Haunted house
Memories of growing up in a haunted house
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