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  • Susan Elaine Jones

The original Bodyworlds

"When I die, place my body in the hands of an anatomist."

Man with mandible at Fragonard Musee

I suspect that prayer is said much less often than it should be. And especially two hundred or so years ago. However, for the few who did fall to the preparation of Honoré Fragonard, we can admire some fantastic artistry using the human body.

Many years ago when I first saw Gunther von Hagen's Bodyworlds, I marveled at his creativity. Reading his catalogue pointed me to the (apologies for the mass of French here), écorchés at the Musée Fragonard d'Alfort, in the École nationale vétérinaire d'Alfort.

Unfortunately its website isn't very compelling. Fortunately I also bought the book.

To fully appreciate the museum (until I can go there and photograph it myself), I often refer to Atlas Obscura, who have illustrated their article well. Showing that the Fragonard is more than an anatomy museum (and strangely horse teeth collection), but also retains the few surviving écorchés (the tortured, or flayed).

It has earned a place on my bucket list. And if I can't stay, at least let me visit before I die.

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