• Susan Elaine Jones

An Atlantis for Octopuses

Blog been slow as I've been ill, and I've still got the wonders of the Open Cambridge display at the Whipple to share. But not today.

Today, I read some news that just had to be known! And I'm sorry its not your normal museum stuff, but instead a wonder of the natural underwater world.

You guys now I love my octopuses, octopii and octopodes! Well today, breaking news is that these cephalopods just keep on surprising us.

A while ago, I heard about Octopolis - a Metropolis build by octopodes, centered around a mysterious round metal artefact - probably some human junk, it was a one off, I thought "okay, so the cephlapods have been watching the film Stargate (not the series, the series is terrible. The film is pretty bad, with some gaping holes in logic like why you need six points to say where one point in space is. Do you ever say to a friend "let's meet at the cinema. It's orthogonally between the Lidl, the Tesco, the roundabout, the dogging site, the petrol station and the zoo"? But, it does have Kurt Russell in it, proving that he survived the film The Thing, which answers some questions to who was the Thing, and which, marvellously, they are screening at BAS/Scott Polar Museum this October!).

But now, it seems, a second octopus city has been discovered, this one, Octopus-Atlantis or "Octlantis" - (how do you drown a city built underwater anyway?).

Now I'm don't think it is sited somewhere just off Dunwich in North Central Massachussets, or even Margate, and I don't think the dreamer is awakening so far. But you know those eight legged underwater freaks are meeting because they have a lot of plotting to do. And I just want to go on record now that, I'm all in favour of that!

News link for Octlantis here.

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