• Susan Elaine Jones

Best candle ever!

Reading about the history of anatomy, I have come across Museo La Specola! The Florence museum containing superb wax models of anatomy. And we're talking life size women pulling their skin open to show you their ribs. In wax!

I even image that they might smell nicer than the usual dissection. Perhaps like the "vanilla" scented candles of the 1980s (and still in vogue in some houses smelling of cat wee). And these would make a much more welcome Christmas present for me than any other candle. I wouldn't even burn it during a powercut.

In this case (an image from the lovely set on the Dangerous Minds website), a full size lady lies in bed with beautiful (real) hair (including eyebrows and eyelashes), and exhibiting one of the many layers that can be neatly plucked out so that you can have a butchers!

There is also a nice account on Atlas Obscura. And between those sites and the book, I will continue to imagine visiting until I can actually go and see all the wonders for myself.

So I place Museo La Specola firmly on my bucket list.

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