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Octopuses for sale

Beautiful octopodes for sale

Look at these beauties! I think I'm in love!

These gorgeous octopuses? Octopi? Octopodes?

Beautiful aren't they?

But they're in Eastbourne.

And I'm significantly not.

And they're up for sale next week.

And they won't go in the post (despite having their own travelling cases.. they used to be part of a taxidermy mobile library!)

And couriers are costly :(

I know they don't (now) have the cunning of Inky (who escaped from his aquarium back to the ocean), and they never got to play with a Mr. Potatohead like Louis, or even show "psychic" football predicting abilities like Paul, but they might have. But Octopodities are still brilliant. And if I can't keep them as pets, I'd like to admire them in jars. And I can imagine that if they were alive, watching them escape from the jars and attacking my cat like Alien.

They would also save me from falling back on old photos of an octopus from the Cambridge University Museum of Zoology (which seems to have been closed for forever). I miss it.

*Update* unlike the many other taxidermy objects that did sell for the estimated £40-£60, these pretty things fetched £220. Apparently I wasn't the only one captured by their loveliness.

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