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  • Susan Elaine Jones

Hug a dinosaur

Made it to a little bit of science week. Which is really just an excuse to neb around Cambridge University buildings whilst snack vans are parked nearby. Went to a lecture in the physiology labs, which is nicely nearby the Sedgwick Museum. And the greeting by the Iguanodon, who stands by the front door.

Iguanodon skeleton ready for a hug

He looks like he's about to lean down and give you a hug. Like the Barrington Hippo, his position means it is virtually impossible to get a good photo of him. I do love that museums like this are chock full of cases and stuff, but it does limit the photo opps.

(If that doesn't satisfy your need to hug dinosaurs, tthey have a fluffier, accessible collection in the gift shop.)

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