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  • Susan Elaine Jones

Wellcome, wellcome, wellcome

Skeleton with pelvis head and skull in the middle

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

And actually my favourite part were the audio extracts, one of which was on the headphones behind this... skeleton? It is a description by Albert Howard Carter III (in First Cut: A season in the human anatomy lab) of medical students cutting hearts out of cadavers:

"A quick worker, he is the first to have a heart entirely removed from the body. I watch him cut the last blood vessel and pull the heart up and out. For a moment he stares at it in the palm of his hand, then suddenly raises it over his head in an exaggerated gesture of triumph. Lights flash off his glasses; his lab-coated arm is a dramatic white column. He roars out ‘Ha-haaaaa!’... Everyone else in the lab stares at this, the first heart in hand and the first truly theatrical gesture of the course... ‘Just like the Aztec priests!’ a woman calls out appreciatively from across the room."

There is also a fantastic audio tale by a comedian with M.S., the drunk looking M.S., and not yet the Ozzy Osbourn "you did this to yourself with drugs" looking M.S. But I'll let you discover that yourself.

I also had a quick browse of the volumes of the Human Genome. But the plot just wasn't very gripping :)

But I will definitely be back. The next visit will have time for a snack and browse of the books in the giftshop.

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