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What's wrong, short face?

Sorry it's been a while since I wrote a blog post - things have been going on with family. And I've been doing some drawing. And might have some death things on the boil. (Not literally. I mean, I do know that boiling a skull will de-flesh it faster than corpse eating beetles, but a microwave is faster still. And more fun to see a head spinning around on the glass plate.)

Archosaur evolution tree

In the meantime, the Museum of Zoology has opened its new section on reptiles! They make some points very strongly:

  1. Birds are dinosaurs, which are reptiles (a whole section of "conserve our dinosaurs" with a chicken next to it)

  2. Saurians (which later evolved into crocodiles and such) evolved before dinosaurs, and ruled the Earth, for a bit.

  3. In fact, that crocodiles are more closely related to birds than other reptiles and turtles.

Armoured (ninja?) turtle skull

Though they have a nice display of turtles, and especially the armoured turtles of the past (ninjas? so yesterday!)

Coming back to the crocodiles, having such a long snout can have many disadvantages. This week, the media picked up on the reason that dogs tilt their heads when we talk to them. (it's so cute, it's thought that it is so they can see our mouths around their muzzles.)

It's like they're saying "what's wrong, short face?"

And also thinking "why do you use your short snout for showing emotions?"

(why do we have short snout at all? See this old blogpost.)

But an artist took extra consideration of having a long face, looking at the everyday problems of the crocodiles. I thought I would share a few... (43 of them here on Bored Panda)... enjoy!

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