• Susan Elaine Jones

Honey coloured bones

Quick post as I'm up to my eyeballs editing skeleton photos. The local friendly archaeologist has been giving me great access to be able to document normal and diseased skeletons from medieval times and earlier. And they are beautiful.

I mean, ossicles and sutures to die for -->

<-- Traces of tree roots leeching minerals from a skull.

A beautiful retained frontal (metopic) suture. (I have one of those. It would be top of my osteology dating profile if I ever needed one).

And then, vertebrae. I am getting to love how those guys stack, like demented pancakes.

A whole portfolio will be coming soon. And prints will go on display at the upcoming event for death awareness week:

"Things to do when you're dead"

Details on that will also be coming soon, but keep Saturday 18th May 2018 free!

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