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Faces of Tutankhamen

Egyptian hieroglyphics - reading cartouche pharaohs' names with "Useful Charts"

Also at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology this month (only till 23 September) are some original photos of the tomb of Tutankhamen!

Golden Mask of Tutankhamen

Tutankhamen has a special place in my heart, not only because after years of learning and forgetting and relearning how to read hieroglyphics, he's one of the king's names that I can still recall not matter how rusty I am. Also I saw the artefacts when they came to the Millennium Dome, and have been in a replica of the tomb, I think in the USA (anyone know where? Not Las Vegas - possibly Florida?).

But who doesn't appreciate the bling of the gold mask? Well, it's not so bling in the sepia photo prints in this exhibition.

But what is special is looking on the photo of the actual pharaoh's head (and neck)

Tutankhamen - photo at the MAA

There are other interesting bits of information in the exhibition. One is a image that was photographed and then rephotographed - with the distracting shadows of cloth taken out of the back of the image by having an assistant wave it about whilst the long exposure was taken. The text discusses this but - as a photographer - I immediately thought "oh, I'd have reshot that" - and the photographer did!

Go and see - quickly - before it shuts and moves on. And enjoy Star Carr deer masks whilst you're there. And pop over the road to the newly refurbished and re-opened Zoology Museum and enjoy a coffee by the whale in the cafe, and the best museum shop in the city (blog post coming soon). And, if you happen in on a Monday, when they're all shut, go enjoy the Sedgwick. No gold (well, not much), but diamonds, sapphires, emeralds.... (images photographed from the display at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.)

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