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Problems with primates

As I tidy my house (which is a fairly rare occurrence), I found a third drawing of the taxidermy cases of Ipswich Museum from back in 2017. It was meant to be part III of the blog series (parts I and II links). Being the solidly organised person that I am, I had mislaid this drawing, and have deleted all associated pictures of the museum too. So, just enjoy what could have been, including a particularly worried looking brindle nail tailed wallaby and smug serval.

Ipswich Mammalia gallery - expert drawing by Susan Elaine Jones

However, in this same week, the Museum of Zoology in Cambridge is finally reopening fully. And has preserved some of its marvellous taxidermy on display. Primates seem to be particularly troublesome, as we look to the face for a hint of emotion and thought, and that means every small nuance in the taxidermy can give a problem.

It doesn't help that we see faces in everything. Hence this inspired graffiti (not at the Zoology museum, unfortunately).

I won't share every problematic piece - go discover them for yourselves (but also don't miss the hedgehog doing a puffer fish impression).

The Lemur left the gas on. Museum of Zoology, Cambridge.

But a couple of favourites include: "Lemur left the gas on".

And "The Tarsier giving you the stinkeye." If you haven't come across a Tarsier before, find here a short video of True Facts about it.

The Tarsier. Probably. Museum of Zoology, Cambridge

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