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  • Susan Elaine Jones

Dying for a panacea

A quick note to say, if you haven't been lucky enough to receive a panacea cure (available by post up until 2012) from the immortal prophet Octavia (1866-1934), you may need help to cope with the likelihood that sometime in the next hundred years, you may also turn out to not be immortal.

So I'd like to draw your attention to the next Dying for Life event on May 12th...

Tickets for "A lively look at death and dying" available now, here!

Meanwhile, if you were unaware that panacea cures to life had been available, you probably don't also listen to Mark Steele's In Town on the wireless, or hang out with museum staff comparing notes about the absolute best explanation text ever written.

Well, come back soon, and I'll explain in the next blog.

But I'm afraid that I can't tell you what is in this box - which is a shame as it is full of knowledge that is crucial to save humanity before the millennium*. However, it needs 24 bishops to open it (and we do have more than that many available, I just checked) and despite having rooms ready for them for a hundred odd years, they never got around to it.

Southcott Box of prophecies to save the world

*This was the last millennium not the next millennium. I like to think that they might have filled it with millennium bugs!

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