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  • Susan Elaine Jones

Need a last minute present idea?

I interrupt myself and my series on the lovely Ipswich museum with this urgent seasonal message.

I had a lovely tour of the Fitzwilliam Museum with the ever marvellous Robert Lloyd Parry, who showed a bunch of us around on a themed tour "Fear in the Fitz" (highly recommended, and more coming in 2018).

By happy coincidence, one of the things he highlighted happened to also appear in the Museum of Cambridge "Witchcraft" exhibition, as part of their Tracing Traditions work. In their display, they had an example of a "witch bottle" (not the same as a witch in a bottle). And, handy instructions on how to make your own.

So, just in case you're missing an idea for that last Christmas present, and don't want to order a copy of my book - which is still available), but prefer that hand made, thoughtful and personalised gift, with just your hair, nail trimmings, pins and your own personal urine, you too can give the gift of a witch bottle.

Make your own witch bottle

Follow these instructions, and you too can have protection from betwitchment, or give that gift to another! You don't need a Bellarmine bottle (though they are traditional).

What they aren't saying is that the enchantment is designed to cause the witch pain and discomfort when passing her own urine. In other words, give the gift of a UTI!

Best use of a Bellarmine bottle

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