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  • Susan Elaine Jones

The Fairfax Fozzard font of knowledge

A long overdue update on the magic lantern slides that I acquired at auction, originally from the marvellous J. A. Fairfax Fozzard, the previous Cambridge University professor of Anatomy.

X-ray image from the J A Fairfax Fozzard magic lantern collection

I have previously written about his studies of how a chicken lays an egg, and pictures of incubating some weird alien parasite (or possibly just puppies). Now I have finally put the whole set of medical slides online. Unfortunately, I can't label them, as in most cases the slides aren't labelled, and so it would just be my best guess.

There are certainly images of human X-rays, showing legs, skulls, arms, chest (with lung blood supply I think), babies, baboons (I think) and some tortuous looking antiquated medical equipment.

Please do have a look through the archive. Let me know if you can help me label any of them.

Meanwhile, if these aren't enough to fulfill your appetite for anatomy images, go visit the still being constructed Cambridge Anatomy School Virtual Museum!

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