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  • Susan Elaine Jones

Skulls a plenty

side view of human skulls in a standard comparison box

Today, not many words are needed, as I just wanted to share my first attempts to bring out the beauty of the variety of skull shapes. It's something that is difficult to appreciate as most museums show only one skull or skeleton to stand in for the all. But I have had a rare chance to put four skulls side by side so that you can directly compare. (One notable exception is the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia.)

The skulls shown represent different races, different sexes, different lives and different times. Under the skin we are all basically the same, but we all have little individual differences.

Only one of these has a persistent frontal or metopic suture, which I happen to know that I have from a CT scan, so my skull could sit next to the skull on the bottom right. In fact, since these things run in families, he may even be a distant relative.

Frontal view of skulls of different races
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