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  • Susan Elaine Jones

THAT scene from Alien

X-ray of pregnant female torso with creatures

Looks like a normal X-ray of a normal torso doesn't it?

Look closer.

Okay, I see smaller creatures in there too. Swimming around. Wait, what?

Yes, I have no idea what this slide is of either. But I can't help having the feeling that I have seen what happens next.

John Hurt with Alien in Alien

(For a long time when I was younger, I thought John Hurt must be tremendously shy, or tremendously ugly. But that is because I had only seen him with the facehugger alien, and then in heavy makeup for the elephant man. And in the days before the internet, I just couldn't remember what he actually looked like in person).

Anyway, this X-ray is another of J. A. Fairfax Fozzard's slides (I will never tire of his superb name!).

It is in amongst a number of pictures of foetuses, and then somewhat perplexingly, feet.

X-ray of foot bones in high heeled shoes also showing shoe construction

So I must admit to being none the wiser.

If you have any ideas what is going on in these X-rays, please let me know.

One hint may be the scribbling at the top of the slide, which might say "90 days" (indicating how long those things have been incubating in there). But they might just be notes on the exposure required on the X-ray. Any ideas, please please let me know!

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