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  • Susan Elaine Jones

Lost your head?

Skull in lost property of Christ's Library

A number of friends shared this with me, asking if I was in some way responsible. (Those of you who don't know me might not be aware of my skeleton and skull buying habits.) But in this case, it really is nothing to do with me.

By fun coincidence, a skull was reported missing from King's College. But on inspection, isn't that missing skull.

It also isn't Cromwell's skull, which is "known" to be missing in Cambridge (by repute buried somewhere in Sidney Sussex College grounds). (The body is a different story, including the grand plot twist of being dug up to be put on trial, and, since it was dead and already without its head, offered an unconvincing defence so was found guilty and hanged.)

I will keep a lookout for any resolution or any further skulls lost or found.

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