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  • Susan Elaine Jones

A lively time at the death event

Thank to the over 100 people joined the 25 people volunteering their time to tell people about death. We also had about 10 skulls. I won't try to summarise all that happened, but just share a few quotes from our feedback, and some photos:

"Handling bones excellent, very knowledgeable people"

"I never knew how much information about diet archaeologists can obtain from bones & teeth!"

"Particularly valued opportunity to speak to Woodland Wishes to brain/body donation people" "The selfies to runes workshop made me think about death"

"The highlights were handling the ancient skulls, learning to draw with a quill and ink and practicing suturing"

"We saw the grave diggers on the way out, it was fascinating and they were so nice with all the questions that the children had"

"The Comedy improv group were very talented and I'd go to see them again"

"Tour of crematorium was particularly informative and impressive"

"I found lying in the coffin with the lid on incredibly calming"

Things to do when you're dead - skulls

Giant game of Operation

Trying a coffin out for size


Gravestones and dry bones boardgame

Brain bank and try out suturing

We don't have any plans for the next event yet... but keep an eye on the website - or even subscribe or follow us on Facebook.

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