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  • Susan Elaine Jones

Hip Hip Hooray

Tiny, self-indulgent post.

Today I heard the result of the Photography Degree assessment. The degree I started as "something to do" whilst too ill to work with ME 14 years ago. And then restarted when I relapsed and faced more years of being too ill to work: Something that started the interest in animals, and nature, and skeletons, and facing health problems including death, that launched Dying for Life and found me new friends, new interests and new passions, and possibly a path to a new career that won't keep making me ill with ME.

It seems that stubbornness and determination can overcome brain fog and fatigue. With a 1st.

Hip hip hooray celebration picture

So I'm giving myself a very small....

But perhaps that should read "Pelvis, Pelvis, Party!"

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