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Archaeology Skulls 2


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Yet more photographs of some ex-Cambridgeshire residents' skulls over the ages

Available by courtesy for reference, academic and educational use only.

No commercial reproduction is permitted.

Archaeology skulls laid out for straight comparison. All male skulls, from a similar region and age, showing different issues with preservation as well as individual features. The 10th-12th Century male  skull 8533CH has an underbite on his left hand side, big absesses, calculus, root etching and secretion,  as well as ossified sutures and thyroid (not shown) despite being quite young. The 12th-16th Century male skull 5723SJ also has a crack persistent metopic or frontal suture and an endearing gap in his front two teeth. Whereas the male skull 0121SJ with the full set of lower mandible teeth had quite a hard time in life - wonky head (cranial asymmetry). His skull also shows cribra orbitalia (iron deficiency) whilst his skeleton shows some growth interruptions (diet, illness or metabolic condition) and spinal arthritis.

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