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Archaeology Skulls 1


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Photographs of some ex-Cambridgeshireshire residents over the ages

Available by courtesy for reference, academic and educational use only.

No commercial reproduction is permitted.

Archaeology skulls laid out for straight comparison. The 5th-7th Century skull A044EH is a fairly petite female, in comparison to the more typical female skull 1822SJ. Contrast these to the male skulls showing the very different jawbone shape of the 9th-11th Century skull 5082G and skull 653SJ. The skull A044EH has some beautiful sutures and ossicles. The 5082G skull shows some taphonomy (damage after death) with some erosion and traces of plant roots affecting the skull surface. The skull 653SJ has some very male flared gonial angle on the jaw.

Notice the difference in male and female skull characteristics - the angle of the jaw and the roundness of the chin, the size of the mastoid process, the definition at the base of the skull where muscles for the neck attach, and so on. Read a little more here.

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