Everyday life interrupted by a relapse in chronic illness

A tongue in cheek examination of how to fill the days

Just when I thought I had the hang of my illness
Energy drinks are not the fix-all they may seem
Filling the days and learning new skills
What to do with "get well soon" flowers
Baths are surprising tiring, and may be the main activity of a whole day
Practice getting enough rest
Catching up on reading about my illness
Coping with the weather
My chronic illness can strike me in new and surprising ways
When my entire wardrobe became pyjamas and inspirational comfortwear
What does chronic illness feel like?
Chronic illness is holding pattern, waiting for something better to come along
The closest I come to experiencing the outside world
Everything I learnt about comfort I learnt from my cat
Cleaning my teeth sometimes is just too much
Chronic illness means taking care of my own haircuts
Finding that last energy drink
Making a cup of tea can be exhausting
Sharing the bed with my cat
Getting out of bed on the wrong side
Getting to the door for a delivery can be tiring and cause confusion
Making the bed - just too hard to cope with
Every day tasks never seem to get done
Looking for some security and comfort, so make a sofa fort
Just can't face the day
Relaxing with a DVD
Collecting the post can be the longest walk of the day
Inviting people over for dinner can be too much some days. Get delivery food.
When someone wishes you a healthy new year, and you hear elfy new year
Always beating the cat to a snooze on the sofa
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Just can't face the day