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Handling death with the death maidens

As arrangements for the Dying for Life event "Things to do when you're dead"* are hotting up, I'm getting out and about talking to people about death. Last week, I wrote a guest blog for the lovely ladies at Death and the Maiden. Blog post link here.

Meanwhile I have also been polishing my interviewing skills to capture fun death stories, more of which will be going on at "Living Well, Dying Well", the Dying for Life event on 11th May 2019, kicking off our season this year.

Keep an eye out in Cambridge in the next few weeks as other interviews appear whilst I act as missionary on the local press junket on behalf of our brilliant sponsors the Museum of Cambridge and the Cambridge Museum of Technology (soon to be reopening, and also hosting a Steam Punk event, at which I'll be doing wetplate portraits with the famous Kevin of Wetplate Supplies.)

Please do join me in telling your friends and family about the event, and sharing on social media - here's out Facebook page, the event on Facebook, and our twitter account (which I don't run, I'm clueless about twitter, but they're sharing some really cool donor cards!).

The more you share on social media, the more budget we have for tasty cakes on the day!

Meanwhile, Skeleton Bob has been documenting various ongoing repairs to help her continue to meet people and not get worn out. First bone reconstruction surgery, now dentistry! Learning from a professional, it was fun to be able to unhook the lower jaw, and blow the scraped excess bits off - apparently two things you do not do in real life as a dentist!

Though I'm getting some really good hints that there might be a vast array of old, weird and notable skulls and skeletons coming along on the day.... but I can't tell you anymore beforehand!

Hope we will see you for death week in May!

Dentistry for the dead - running repairs on Skeleton Bob

* Please note, do NOT confuse "Things to do when you're dead" with the similar but entirely different search term "Things to do when you're dead inside". If you ARE confused about this, here's a quick quiz to help you.

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