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  • Susan Elaine Jones

Butterflies, bats, fish and flying things

The Zoology Museum in Cambridge is now fully open!

(Okay, that's been true for a couple of months, but I've been a bit run down and gotten behind.)

Local butterflies on display at the Zoology Museum
Fish dinner

The lower-ground-mezzanine-middling-whatever-the-pit-is-called was open for a few months n 2018 before the grand re-opening by Sir Wonderful David Attenborough and the unveiling of the upper-middle-ground- level-after-going-up-the-stairs level rest of the museum. And, though it's taken a while, boy was it worth the wait!

Cladogram of Teleostei fish group - catfish, salmon, eels and relatives

Gorgeous displays surround you as soon as you walk in. Local butterfly collections never looked so good! Fish, cleaned to the bone (hopefully by local cats) also show their faces. With their family tree (cladograms), which I've noted before are a very welcome and prominent educational feature throughout the museum.

If you remember to look up for the hanging whale skeletons, you'll also get the treat of video clips of manta rays or jellyfish swimming along the ceiling.

It is worth looking up in all sorts of places. As you enter the museum, if you tear your eyes away from the blond (faded) black wildebeest, and the dodo skeletons - just over the entrance (near the big 21m fin whale who sits at eye level with the cafe, over the shop.... oh so much to see!) is a display of some flying things.

Owls, bats and flying snipes

And I couldn't leave without some octopodes. I love those guys. And their other alien looking friends!

Maybe I'll see you there - I volunteer in the galleries!

Horseshoe crab wet specimen in Zoology Museum, Cambridge

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