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Help a starving artist

Framed mounted haunted pictures for sale

Quick blog post to say things are for sale. Specifically, a first opportunity to see and buy four limited edition images from my Osteology series at the Taboo show in the Worker's Gallery in Ynyshir, Wales from 7th June till 4th August 2018.

Also, in a new effort to buy non-essentials like food and cat biscuits, I'm putting together some framed prints and things to sell through an Etsy shop. Not just skeletons, but new, improved Haunted pictures all nicely mounted and framed, ready to pop in the post.

Starving artist

Of course, you can also contact me directly as I have bundles of other stock that I haven't photographed and listed, as well as books of my collected works for sale!

So... help a starving artist today!

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