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  • Susan Elaine Jones

Meet the new family member

Medical skeleton on metal stand

I have a medical skeleton.

I have an additional medical skeleton.

I have been studying bones and human anatomy, and whilst quite ill haven't been able to go and visit museums to augment this as often as I would like. And since spending time restringing the hand and foot of a medical half skeleton using a friend's plastic skeleton as a guide, I realised quite how different different skeletons are, and how one mass produced medical skeleton isn't very broad in showing the marvellous range of human variety.

Also it wasn't as photogenic as a real one.

But this purchase was almost an accident. I just couldn't believe how cheap it was being auctioned for (compared to my first purchase). And in driving up the price, I found no one was bidding against me anymore.

He has now been delivered, and is being kept safe until I can find some box that will fit him.

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