19 Mar 2020

Many of you may be experiencing social isolation and the kind of stir crazy boredom that comes from staying home without choice for more than a few days. As an old hand at this, I hope to help you find new ways to enjoy "small living". (Note, this may also help on the...

I love it when a plan comes together.

I've finally met all the right people and I'm making progress.

I am working on 3D printing a skull from a live person! What I needed first was someone's CT scan... and thanks to various health complaints I found someone who had a sca...

So, last month I became aware of Noah's Ark in Bristol. Bristling slightly from the name, I wondered:

"Is this going to be some fundamentalist creationist shit like in the USA?"

The clue is in the name. The leaflet for it is... unclear. The website says its part of BIAZA...

18 Nov 2019

Sorry it's been a while since I wrote a blog post - things have been going on with family. And I've been doing some drawing. And might have some death things on the boil. (Not literally. I mean, I do know that boiling a skull will de-flesh it faster than corpse eating...

26 Sep 2019

Last month was a conference in Bath, called Death, Dying and Disposal 14 (the 14th time it has happened, not happening in 2014, I'm not THAT far behind on my blog!)

It is another of the growing movement of interdisciplinary get-togethers where fantastically useful or we...

30 Aug 2019

Next week I'm displaying and doing a workshop at DDD14 (Death, Dying and Disposal at the University of Bath, 2019). So of course, I have been prepping mounted pictures and getting interpretation and explanation ready in a diligent and focussed manner.

Needing a break, a...

16 Aug 2019

Last month was four weekends of Open Studios - and what fun it was! Visitors included a number of professionals - an archaeologist, an anatomist, quite a few nurses - who just can't get enough of skeletons! It included people who work in orthopedics, artificial joints...

11 Jul 2019

It isn’t about owning a skeleton. It is about access. It is about trust. It is about our shared humanity. It’s about communion with our mortality.

I made a decision when I was 13 that means some people think I should not be allowed to handle a skeleton now.

At that youn...

16 Jun 2019

This week there was a really interesting conference on "Corpse work", hosted by DaCNet in York. It is a sort of interdisciplinary get together of academics, artists and authors that merge all sorts of sources of knowledge into a weird, unexpected but tasty stew.

The day...

10 Jun 2019

This month, I have spent a lot of time at The Book Warren in Willingham (where the lovely Lindsay not only offers a dizzying selection of delectable delights, but also kindly stocks local artists' work for sale... helping to pay for my consumption of her delectable del...

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