23 Feb 2018

Last week I mentioned the great auk in Norwich Museum in their Natural History gallery.

This week I was reminded of a exercise in writing museum labels run by SHARE, which introduced me to the Norwich School of Taxiderm, and the story of Fred Ashton, who didn't let anyt...

16 Feb 2018

This week I had one of those light-bulb moments.

Of course, it comes in the middle of relaxing in bed, which can be quite disturbing. But I guess it's better than jumping naked out of the bath and running down the street. (Eureka! A streaker!)

But I was thinking about th...

Just a quick one today as a bit under the weather.  Radio Four (or "the wireless" to many of us who never tune in to any other channel) this week has a couple of fun programmes looking at the less fluffy beasts:

The Infinite Monkey Cage has a nice program (series 17, ep...

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