29 Aug 2016

Once, women’s problems were often ascribed to a ‘wandering womb’. The organ would go walkabout in the abdominal cavity, and as it bumped into various other organs like the liver and spleen, may cause sluggishness, weakness, even vertigo and of course, hysteria. The phy...

19 Aug 2016

After many hours scouring the databases and determining what was special about this museum's stores, I spent a wonderful morning surrounded by the stores of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History's wet specimens collection.

I specifically went in to photograph...

10 Aug 2016

Looks like a normal X-ray of a normal torso doesn't it? 

Look closer.

Okay, I see smaller creatures in there too. Swimming around. Wait, what?

Yes, I have no idea what this slide is of either. But I can't help having the feeling that I have seen what happens next.

(For a l...

Which way does a chicken lay an egg? Little end first - and ease into it? Or big end first and finish with a relief? In the hopes of avoiding wars on the level of Blefuscud vs Lilliput, and despite no real help from the internet, I can give you a definitive answer - wi...

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