23 Feb 2018

Last week I mentioned the great auk in Norwich Museum in their Natural History gallery.

This week I was reminded of a exercise in writing museum labels run by SHARE, which introduced me to the Norwich School of Taxiderm, and the story of Fred Ashton, who didn't let anyt...

19 Jan 2018

It isn't long ago that I went to Norwich Museum for the first time. (Okay, it turns out it was over a year ago... not much happens in my life.) But this week, I went back. Somewhat by accident, as I was planning to prioritise seeing the cathedral this time (who somehow...

Last weekend I had a fantastic afternoon meeting people meeting human bones for the first time.

It was a free, drop in workshop organised as part of the Em-Re-Un New Bohemia exhibition in St. Margaret's Church of Art in Norwich.

I don't think I will ever get used to the...

17 Dec 2016

He (I am assuming it is a he) is easy to overlook. Many people wander by and don't even notice him.

He is stealth itself, watching the crowds not even notice him as he sits, looking up briefly from his book, in Norwich Castle Museum, in a small linking corridor between...

What's not to like?

Another of the gems from the Norwich Museum.

The stories of these murderers, briefly:

Catherine Frarey and Frances Billing (top) collaborated using arsenic to poison Cat's husband (leaving her free to pursue a Mr Gridley) and Mary Taylor (the wife of F...

I enjoyed a smashing visit to Norwich Castle Museum a couple of weekends ago. I spent much of my time in the Natural History Gallery. As well as meeting a lovely chap sat sketching the albatross (and discussing Doncaster, "a lovely place for a meat raffle"), I had time...

Big birds of history.

Actually the biggest birds.


(If you don't count dinosaurs).

Let me start again.

The biggest birds than humans ever encountered.

Mostly in history.

Because then we killed them all.

Leaving just ostriches and stuff.

(Which can still be quite scary.)


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