Not piccalilli.

Not peccadillo.

Not even Pickled Liver (though there might have been one). Thank you Siri and iphone autocorrect for trying to direct me to all of these places.

Piccadilly. Bodyworlds Piccadilly.

1, Piccadilly Circus, in fact.

Yes, Bodyworlds has a new perma...

25 Sep 2016

I finally had the time, energy and a willing chaperone to be able to book a Pathology Museum event. Housed at St Bart's - which is famous for many things, including Sherlock's suicide scene. So I had wanted to visit for many reasons. This one, Remains to be Seen, was a...

29 Apr 2016

Yes, Joanne Ebenstein is amongst the guests at the Wellcome Collection next week for an Anatomical Venus and other things morbid symposium. I've had the link and date to book tickets noted for weeks. And am too ill to go :( But they will publish a webcast of the event...

18 Jul 2014

... to the Wellcome Collection.

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

And actually my favourite part were the audio extracts, one of which was on the headphones behind this... skeleton? It is a description by Albert Howard Carter III (in First Cut: A season in the human...

28 Mar 2014

A late write up from a trip to the wonderful gem, Grant's Museum in London. Part of UCL, hidden somewhere near the Petrie Museum, I was drawn by the prospect of a thylacine, whole, pickled in a jar. (Apologies to Jack Ashby's collegue Mark, the Grant's Museum Curator,...

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