So, last month I became aware of Noah's Ark in Bristol. Bristling slightly from the name, I wondered:

"Is this going to be some fundamentalist creationist shit like in the USA?"

The clue is in the name. The leaflet for it is... unclear. The website says its part of BIAZA...

27 Apr 2018

The Panacea museum. Where to start describing this... this... genius work of museum explanation text. Perhaps I should first state its importance:

  • It was the home of the eight prophet, Octavia, who was bringing everlasting life and the new millennium with God.

  • ...

23 Aug 2017

I had to write with the excitement and urgency of those discussing with flat earthers what they think caused the solar eclipse this week. One very good friend (who obviously knows what I like) received this booklet and sent it on to me: "How Fossils Refute Darwini...

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