Return to Eden

Next week I'm displaying and doing a workshop at DDD14 (Death, Dying and Disposal at the University of Bath, 2019). So of course, I have been prepping mounted pictures and getting interpretation and explanation ready in a diligent and focussed manner. Needing a break, and having dived in the river a lot recently (and looking up swimmers itch), I took a trip with a friend to Bedford, as it seemed ideal to Return to Eden (no, not that one). For any of you unaware of the location of the Garden of Eden, or the availability of the panacea - cure for all ills, or even the end of the world and the millennium Shiloh, as foretold in the Book of Revelations, here's a quick account of my first visit. (

New work!

Last month was four weekends of Open Studios - and what fun it was! Visitors included a number of professionals - an archaeologist, an anatomist, quite a few nurses - who just can't get enough of skeletons! It included people who work in orthopedics, artificial joints and physiotherapy - who had never had the chance to handle a real skeleton! And many members of the public who came because of the unique opportunity to meet real human bones. I showcased two series of new work at Open Studios - Osteology2 and Maps (which you've seen a small preview of before). Framed prints of the maps are now on show and available for purchase at my favourite hangout, the Book Warren and will be up on Etsy so