Bird footed, bird hipped dinosaurs

Emerging from the blur of activity with human skeletons from "Things to do when you're dead" (if you're interested in this, you're too late! Maybe you should have subscribed to news at Dying for Life), I can confess to having spent ages this month actually thinking about dinosaurs. This isn't because ITV2 just showed Jurassic World (again). Though it was nice to be reminded of Chris Pratt's zookeeping prowess of velociraptors... by jumping in front of them with his arms out. Which lead to some wonderful spoofs of this as a meme by actual zookeepers (see a few examples here), but my favourite today is this one. Of course, this was not the only issue with the film, as it is just this week bein

A lively time at the death event

Thank to the over 100 people joined the 25 people volunteering their time to tell people about death. We also had about 10 skulls. I won't try to summarise all that happened, but just share a few quotes from our feedback, and some photos: "Handling bones excellent, very knowledgeable people" "I never knew how much information about diet archaeologists can obtain from bones & teeth!" "Particularly valued opportunity to speak to Woodland Wishes to brain/body donation people" "The selfies to runes workshop made me think about death" "The highlights were handling the ancient skulls, learning to draw with a quill and ink and practicing suturing" "We saw the grave diggers on the way out, it was f

Death Fest 2019!

Death Fest time is here again! Okay, so we never officially called it that. Instead, this month, I've been helping put the final touches of preparation for Death Awareness week, including a flurry of media appointments. I don't really like talking about myself, so have let Skeleton Bob or Fred do many of the appointments. But it was all in a good cause of getting people to think about death, come along to one of the two events we're running: Living Well, Dying Well information * talks * conversation This Saturday 11th May, at Arthur Rank Hospice (only a few tickets left) and Things to do when you're dead activities * arts * games * interaction Next Saturday 18th May, at Cambridge City Cremat