It WAS the end of the world

The Panacea museum. Where to start describing this... this... genius work of museum explanation text. Perhaps I should first state its importance: It was the home of the eight prophet, Octavia, who was bringing everlasting life and the new millennium with God. It houses the box of Joanna Southcott's prophecies to help humanity survive the millennium. It is built around the original garden of Eden. In Bedford. It was holding a conference on some of the many other apocalypse cults and cognitive dissonance. If all of this is news to you, it may be because they might have been mistaken in their beliefs. But they also put the case that because the 24 bishops haven't bothered to turn up to open th

Dying for a panacea

A quick note to say, if you haven't been lucky enough to receive a panacea cure (available by post up until 2012) from the immortal prophet Octavia (1866-1934), you may need help to cope with the likelihood that sometime in the next hundred years, you may also turn out to not be immortal. So I'd like to draw your attention to the next Dying for Life event on May 12th... Tickets for "A lively look at death and dying" available now, here! Meanwhile, if you were unaware that panacea cures to life had been available, you probably don't also listen to Mark Steele's In Town on the wireless, or hang out with museum staff comparing notes about the absolute best explanation text ever written. Well, c