The colour of landscape

Sometimes, the various threads of life weave together into a colourful tapestry. Christmas has been spent catching up with friends who all have eclectic minds and seem to bring all aspects of life together across many disciplines. First was a wonderful day with a acoustician who bought me a lovely print of a painting of Jasper Park by Lawren Harris, linking back to his PhD on acoustics in glaciers in Canada, and my love of polar explorers and landscape. Maligne Lake, Jasper Park by Lawren Harris A day later, visiting a psychotherapist friend (whilst trapped in the snowy highlands between Royston and Saffron Walden) who asked why snow softened sound - I referred to my friend's knowledge of ac

Need a last minute present idea?

I interrupt myself and my series on the lovely Ipswich museum with this urgent seasonal message. I had a lovely tour of the Fitzwilliam Museum with the ever marvellous Robert Lloyd Parry, who showed a bunch of us around on a themed tour "Fear in the Fitz" (highly recommended, and more coming in 2018). By happy coincidence, one of the things he highlighted happened to also appear in the Museum of Cambridge "Witchcraft" exhibition, as part of their Tracing Traditions work. In their display, they had an example of a "witch bottle" (not the same as a witch in a bottle). And, handy instructions on how to make your own. So, just in case you're missing an idea for that last Christmas present, and

Hip Hip Hooray

Tiny, self-indulgent post. Today I heard the result of the Photography Degree assessment. The degree I started as "something to do" whilst too ill to work with ME 14 years ago. And then restarted when I relapsed and faced more years of being too ill to work: Something that started the interest in animals, and nature, and skeletons, and facing health problems including death, that launched Dying for Life and found me new friends, new interests and new passions, and possibly a path to a new career that won't keep making me ill with ME. It seems that stubbornness and determination can overcome brain fog and fatigue. With a 1st. So I'm giving myself a very small.... But perhaps that should read

Marvels of Ipswich, Part II

Next in the amazing story of a trip to the Ipswich Museum. Part I (in case you missed it) is here. Here, I want to share just one of the many case displays along the walls. Because there is so much stuff in this brilliant museum, it is hard to get a clear photo of the ensemble without getting a big cat blocking the shot. So I employed the services of that talented artist again. I could have spent all day on this case alone. Every single animal has been taxidermied with it's own unique character and personality. Just take, for example, the three characters on the left hand side of the second shelf. We have a ruffed lemur, apparently discussing philosophy for all time. But the best is the expr