Where are all the Snicthons?

I had to write with the excitement and urgency of those discussing with flat earthers what they think caused the solar eclipse this week. One very good friend (who obviously knows what I like) received this booklet and sent it on to me: "How Fossils Refute Darwinism" by Adran Oktar (Harum Yakya). Having just spent the day at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, I could hardly wait till bedtime for my new treat book. Imagine my disappointment to realise that it isn't even very well done. It spends 50 pages complaining how there are no "intermediate" fossils showing characteristics of two animals, 10 pages about mutation (and how it's always bad), and then about 70 pages showing pictures of

Meeting a new skull

So last month I had a chance to meet a new skull. And was invited by a pro to "say what I see". Let's see what I can tell you about a person just on looking at their skull. Please enjoy my amateurish tour of the bits and bobs that I noticed. The first thing I noted was the obvious damage to the frontal bone - probably post mortem and post preparation as a display skull. Also obvious from this angle are the fairly prominent suture lines which indicate this was probably an adult, but not elderly. Also the wide parietal bone shape at the back of the head indicates probable African ethnicity. There is a hint of a number of strange features above the skull's left eye. Looking face on, one of thos