Timeline of death (in art)

After the wonderful, lovely, joyful, belly laughs of the Death and the Maiden conference, I have been resting. I did present the full Marathon scale of Progressive Acceptability, and did throw sweets to the audience to make the point stick. I also ran out of time; in my rehearsals I made allowances for throwing, but not the catching of sweets, or the distraction of seeing someone spot an unclaimed starburst on the floor, and slowly slinking out of their chair to get it unobtrusively. The best compliments of the conference included: "you got some velocity behind those sweets" "you've got a good throwing arm" Not bad for 14 years with ME! But also, in response to my theory that, after decade

The Marathon scale of progressive acceptability

Sorry I've been so quiet recently. I had a long rest after Dying for Life, then a push to write up the final bits for my photography degree and Arts Council grant. And now I'm converting some of my dissertation (and yes, that's a link to my actual dissertation - if you fancy a read) into a 20 minute whirlwind tour of death in visual art in the past 1000 years for the Death and the Maiden conference. I am currently wrangling with quite how much I should venture my personal theory that the depicting death in visual arts has slowly progressed in the past 30 odd years from Damien Hirst's "shocking" shark - which is now so widely accepted and tame it is hard to remember why it was shocking. Then