Art with embryos

"Something entirely unique, something beautiful and charming and grotesque, perhaps a little more esoteric" was how was described to me, and I believe it does live up to it. I have to say that one of the very few things that makes me uncomfortable with anatomical art is the arrangement of fetuses. That said, I do recognise that one of the best early ways to understand human development and growth was to look at nature's "mistakes" (for example, read Armand Marie Leroi's Mutants). Willem Vrolik, John Hunter and Thomas Mütter all built collections which formed the basis of major anatomy museums. However illustrative they were for the time, I believe that such things are, understandably, no lon

Spin the skull game

D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum in Dundee is one of many museums on my bucket list to visit. It's not the best, or the most comprehensive of zoology collections. Which means, like many, there are wonderful little surprises for the visitor. Even browsing the website there is a nice little gallery of their collection of stuffed bird heads. Where else could you find these? And new is their selection of 3D scans of skulls. So much better than photos, and the not quite satisfying turntable videos. These scans mean you can look at the top and the underneath of the skull. So if, like me, you have wondered what the fontanel area of an elephant skull might look like (and it is surprising), now you can

Octopuses for sale

Look at these beauties! I think I'm in love! These gorgeous octopuses? Octopi? Octopodes? Beautiful aren't they? But they're in Eastbourne. And I'm significantly not. And they're up for sale next week. And they won't go in the post (despite having their own travelling cases.. they used to be part of a taxidermy mobile library!) And couriers are costly :( I know they don't (now) have the cunning of Inky (who escaped from his aquarium back to the ocean), and they never got to play with a Mr. Potatohead like Louis, or even show "psychic" football predicting abilities like Paul, but they might have. But Octopodities are still brilliant. And if I can't keep them as pets, I'd like to admire them i

Late for the day of the dead

Finally had the opportunity to spend some time with a camera in the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. I lingered at least an hour longer than I had planned, drawn by the day of the dead exhibit upstairs. I love that museums make room for folkart objects (things with the skill level that I could have made them). It gives a great feeling of accessibility. And if only I would think of making a skull with hair rollers in, my work could be included in one of the glass cabinets. #Cambridge #ArchaeologyandAnthropology #dayofthedead #skull #folkart #Museum