Wellcome to Morbid Anatomy

Yes, Joanne Ebenstein is amongst the guests at the Wellcome Collection next week for an Anatomical Venus and other things morbid symposium. I've had the link and date to book tickets noted for weeks. And am too ill to go :( But they will publish a webcast of the event :) (Image courtesy of Morbid Anatomy/Wellcome Collection) #Wellcome #MorbidAnatomy #JoannaEbenstein #Museum

Witch skull with iron stake for sale

(Witch skull, Woolley and Wallis Auction House, Salisbury) It's not often that the usual run of skulls up for auction varies from the Victorian medical specimens. But this one caught my eye, and I dearly hope it has found its way to some folk museum in the country. The catalogue text reads: "Provenance: The skull was discovered in 1951 by workmen excavating foundations on Brook Road, Kinson, Bournemouth. It was found at a depth of about two feet with tree roots growing through it. It is believed to be of a woman between thirty-five and forty-five years old. The skull is possibly three hundred years old and the woman was subject to a deliberate and gruesome death. There is a small hole to the