Skull with a smile

One of the most engaging exhibits at the Oxford Museum of Natural History is this skull. It is a juvenile Western Gorilla, looking out of one of the glass cases with as much curiosity as I looked in. It is noted in the database as Gorilla savagii - which along with King Kong helped give the impression that gorillas were savage. No more so than humans. Specifically the Thomas Savage who collected many of the early specimens in the 1840s, which were taxonomically named in his honour. Their taxonomy has been updated to Gorilla gorilla, and following the new fashion of stuttering repetition naming, the subspecies Gorilla gorilla gorilla. #photo #gorilla #Oxford #NaturalHistory #Museum #ThomasSav

Dr. Who at the Hunterian

Stunned by tonight's Doctor Who episode, Flatline. A lovely concept, and thoroughly enjoyable images (and I'll try not to spoil it if you haven't seen it yet). But one in particular struck me as familiar. Here the 2D creatures have broken down a person to a 2D representation on the wall. In this case, broken down into the circulation system. Does it look similar to the image below to you too? Here is an Evelyn table. These were produced around 1640, used as a way to dissect very delicate systems such as the circulation, the lymph and nerve systems. Rather than try to dissect "out" the delicate structures, the cadaver was placed on the wooden table, and everything that wasn't the delicate sys